Audience-Who and Where


Please spare one moment to leave this Year 1 class a quick comment telling them who and where you are. Once the pupils understand that they have a global audience for their writing, they will use their blog from outside of school to write about things that interest them. Any comment left will be checked before being approved and the pupils will be encouraged to reply later .


Seaside Day!

Last Friday we had a fabulous said experience day. We had dokey rides, ice cream, Punch and Judy, games, sand activities, water activities and pebble painting. We had such a fantastic time and made lots of Year 1 memories!


Leaf Hunt

Today, we went outside to look closely at the leaves around our school. We used a leaf identification sheet to try and investigate which trees we must have on our grounds. The children chose a leaf to measure and compare.



This week we have been learning all about money. It would be really helpful if you could help your child to make amounts using different coins and to also work out change. We have learnt Chang as ‘coin paid with – cost of item = change’. Your child could then use coins to make the correct change.



For homework this week, the children were asked to get creative in the kitchen and to get involved with the weighing of ingredients. Thank you for all of your lovely photos which we looked at during Show and Tell. Here are some of our photos:



On Tuesday, we had a visit from Kylie. She works at the PDSA and helps to care for animals. We learnt lots of information all about how to care for animals and what animals get up to at the vets.